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The Wonders of One to Nine

Saving a title as a favorite is NOT a request to borrow it. The number one : Sliced origami ; Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio ; Representing numbers uniquely ; Factoring knots ; Counting and the Stern sequence ; Fractals ; Gilbreath's conjecture ; Benford's law ; The Brouwer fixed-point theorem ; Inverse problems ; Perfect squares ; The Bohr-Mollerup theorem ; The Picard theorems -- The number two : The Jordan curve theorem and parity arguments ; Aspect ratio ; How symmetric are you?

The number Two. Mathematical analysis.

Single Digits

Sequences Mathematics Combinatorial analysis. Mathematics - Miscellanea. More serious math lovers may want to supplement the introductions given in the book with further research, not because of any lack of critical information, but because Chamberland offers enticing explanations that will leave readers hungry to know more. Epigraphs at each chapter's beginning include quotes from the Buddha, W.

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Chamberland also presents a few problems for readers to solve on their own, with answers provided in the last chapter. This wonderful book never loses its focus or momentum, and readers may dip into it for a few entries or read straight through. Thank you. Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. Extra Content. Table of Contents Frontmatter, pg.

The Number One, pg.

Single Digits

The Number Two, pg. The Number Three, pg. The Number Four, pg. The Number Five, pg.

Single Digits: In Praise of Small Numbers by Marc Chamberland

The Number Six, pg. The Number Seven, pg. The Number Eight, pg.

The Number Nine, pg. Solutions, pg. Editorial Reviews "A celebration of small numbers, Single Digits presents mathematical vignettes organized by their connection to single nonzero digits.