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Arrange the remaining squares on top of the large square Figure 4 and sew them in place along the drawn line. Trim the seam allowance and press, pushing the seam toward the darker fabric. The Snowball block, a popular Amish quilting block, is a basic fabric square with triangles formed on each of its four corners. This block is wonderful to use in between other more intricate blocks in a quilt but is also intriguing enough to stand alone as shown here. Layer a quilt block and backing square, right sides together.

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Place a square of batting on top and pin all 3 layers together Figure 1. Clip the 4 corners of the coaster Figure 3 , then turn the coaster right side out. Topstitch very close to the edge around the coaster, closing the opening Figure 4. Want to see more quilting inspiration and beginner-friendly patterns from Liz and Elizabeth Evans? Welcome guest blogger and quilt designer Melissa Corry. I want [ I have been an avid quilter for 25 years and needless to say, I have a ridiculously large stash [ It seems like it was just yesterday we were toasting to , and now is almost here.

Can [ We were talking in a meeting the other day and sewing for Christmas came up. I turned the pocket right side out and pressed it flat. I market the line with a hera marker. I then flipped the pocket flap back up and quilted the pocket up to the line created by the hera marker. I swear this pic reminds me of Kermit the Frog. Once the pocket is complete… lay the pocket face up on the front of the body of the cozy matching the bottom edges.

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Clip it in place with Wonder Clips. Top-Stitch the pocket in place on each side. Be sure to back stitch at the top of the pocket. Once the pocket is sewn in place, fold the other side of the cozy on top of itself, right sides together matching the side edge. Back stitch at the top edge of the cozy to prevent the seam from opening. Once you have sewn the side seam, turn the cozy right side out and press flat.

This may be the hardest part. Maypole Quilt Pattern Download. Triangle Jitters Quilt Pattern Download. Campfire Quilt Pattern Download.

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Kris Kross Quilt Pattern Download. Modern Fans Quilt Pattern Download. Mod Mountains Quilt Pattern Download. Minimal Triangles Quilt Pattern Download. Rocksteady Quilt Pattern Download. This sewing machine is simply designed, easy to use, and comes in almost every color of the rainbow.

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Every young quilter needs a book full of beginner-level sewing projects to get them started. The instructions and photos are also really friendly to kids. Note: This book does lean a little bit toward the female persuasion. With pre-cut fabric bundles, kids can jump right into sewing without sweating the sharp stuff! Sewing School will teach kids how to make a Super Hero cuff, and even use those new-found sewing superpowers to mend their injured stuffed animals! Count on Land of Nod to kill you with creative cuteness.

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Land of Nod also offers an adorable needlepoint kit. Young quilters need quilting tools that are geared toward smaller hands, and perhaps some smaller projects. I love this Beginner Sewing Kit because it comes in an adorable case with drawers for small parts!