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As is all too common among youngsters who have gone through serious childhood trauma, Norma began stuttering and became more and more withdrawn.

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Making matters worse, she was now officially a ward of the state, entering the foster care system, which shuffled her back and forth between different foster families and an orphanage that she came to know as her childhood home. She continued stuttering even as she entered high school, but through hard work and diligence was eventually able to overcome it enough that most people knew she ever had a problem at all. Years later, long after she attained national notoriety, in a moment of candor and vulnerability during an interview she mentioned how her stutter would still surface on occasion when she became nervous or flustered.

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His film credits include classics like Rear Window , Mr. Stewart also suffered from a pronounced stutter that punctuated his dialogue on and off the set. But instead of being ashamed, Stewart made it a signature part of his identity. Most famous for his leading role in Jurassic Park as Dr.

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Sam Niell had one hell of a bad stutter as a child. He was so self-conscious about it, that he kept to himself, seldom making eye contact and hoping no one would talk to him for fear he might actually have to speak. He eventually got over the worst of it, although never completely.

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  • Churchill is more often fighting himself than his enemies. It's not unheard of for people to make it to and beyond these days, and if you retire a bit early, perhaps at age 55 or 60, you stand a good chance of having a retirement longer than 30 years. Next, consider how nest eggs can differ in their composition.


    Will yours be invested mainly in stocks? In bonds or CDs? Will it be split roughly evenly between stocks and fixed-income investments? The historical growth rates of each of those assets are rather different. Over long periods, stocks are much more likely to outperform bonds and other options. Then there are market crashes. Or what if it crashes and stays depressed soon after you retire?

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    Conversely, if the market soars in your retirement's early years, you might be short-changing yourself by taking out less than you could. An annuity can provide a steady stream of income and help you sleep at night. Image: TaxCredits. You can use your head and a calculator, and you can tap the expertise of advisors to develop your own plan. Here are some strategies to consider:.

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    At the very least, reevaluate your withdrawals and the size of your nest egg as you progress through retirement -- especially in the early years. You want to remain on track to have your money outlast you. Don't be afraid to seek professional counsel, either -- ideally, look for a fee-only advisor, who will be likely to have conflicts of interest. Selena Maranjian has been writing for the Fool since and covers basic investing and personal finance topics. For more financial and non-financial fare as well as silly things , follow her on Twitter Follow SelenaMaranjian.

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